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If bandaged, leave bandage on until you arrive home.


Clean with a mild, preferably fragrance free soap.


Apply a thin (just enough to keep it shiny) layer of Aquaphor or A+D ointment to the tattoo.


Continue applying ointment to tattoo roughly 3 times daily, cleaning in between.


The tattoo will likely reach a peeling phase. Continue application of ointment and under no circumstances should you pick at the loose skin.


Once the tattoo is done peeling, you can switch to a fragrance free lotion or continue using the ointment until fully healed.



*Do not touch fresh tattoo with dirty hands

*Do not fully submerge tattoo in water for more than a few seconds

* No swimming until the tattoo is fully healed

*If scabbing occurs, do not pick at the scab or any loose skin


Don't forget that tips to your artist are always welcomed and appreciated. 

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