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A little time of reflection. Looking back on my tattoos from this year and I believe this to be my f
Lots of fun
Stills of yesterday's tattoo
Half healed half not.jpg Daruma Peony fun
Frankenstein's monster first pass
Bass nectar logo, bad pic
Finished this little rib blaster today
Crummy picture
Little detail shot
Mayhem.jpg Shitty picture
Got to rock out this piece on my girlfriend tonight. Way out of my element
Fun one from tonight
Little nephew love on mi madre
Hand blaster
Tree of life tonight courtesy of _dankubin _rotaryworks and _darksidemachine.jpg First tattoo I've l
Super fun from tonight
Skull from tonight
Better picture from last night
Fun one from tonight.jpg First go with a few of my new arcane inks
A little rework of my first tattoo done with a rotary
Got to do a really meaningful tattoo on a fellow eagles fan
Dotwork fun_
Fun one tonight
Little rose filler
Fun one from tonight
Fun skull on a rad dude
Before and after shot
This needs another pass to smooth it out and add background

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Mayhem.jpg Shitty picture